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La Pasadita & Water Toys


Our Newest Addition....24′ long and 8′ wide party barge.

Explore the north end of Magdalena Island and create some wonderful memories of your time here in Lopez Mateos.


        Explore Magdalena Bay in comfort.

  Up to 10 people, but 7-8 is most comfortable.

                   3 Hours = $250 USD

          Extra hours = $80 USD per hour cash


*Picnic lunch of Empanadas de deshebrada (12) and Burritos de Langosta (12) and a Fruit platter is $50 USD.

*A 4-5 hour trip including mangroves, SUPS or Kayaks (not both), trip to the island and picnic lunch (beverages not included) is $450 USD .

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Explore the hidden beaches and coves

Marvel at the variety of wildlife

Pass by the oyster farm

Relax, Nap

Visit the mangroves


Enjoy the peace and serenity of the mangroves

Paddle your way through the little inlets and coves on a SUP

Skim over the calm waters in your kayak

Enjoy the ultimate picnic on a quiet beach

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Kayaks and SUPs

We take people back into the mangroves to SUP and Kayak out of the strong current of the main bay.  This area is very peaceful and relaxing.  You will let those worries and pressures of your normal daily life just float away with the ebbs and slow currents of this area.

  Reserve in person based on availability

              All payments in cash

     Kayaks Double – 2 hours = $40 USD   

           Extra hours = $20 per hour

             Single – 2 hours = $30 USD

              Extra hours = $15 per hour


                    2 hours = $30 USD

                  Cheri King


MX +52 613 117 6197

US +1 360 303 8716

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